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Joints Interview with an expert

“I will tell you about 22 ways to treat joint disorders even if you’re 50 years old!” Michael Mosley, Doctor of Medical Science is telling about diseases and difficulties of adulthood.

“There is a simple truth – you can always cure joint disorders even in extreme old age”.

This doctor claims that he will cure 18-year osteochondrosis for several months. That he will completely cure the ancient granny of the most neglected arthritis for 78 days. And joint pains, as he says, will fade away in 4 days with a proper approach! And, for 19 years of professional experience, he confirms such statement with practice. After having performed on Channel 5 (the topic was "how to save joints at any age"), the famous doctor Mr. Mosley agreed to give us an interview.

— Good afternoon, Mr. Mosley. Is it a true statement that diseases of joints and osteochondrosis are "obligatory" companions of the mature age?

— Hello, Jane! Of course, it is false. Obligatory companion of the mature age is an excessive trust to doctors who have been treating you for 10 years, but there's still no result. Actually joints, chondroses and the whole skeleton are perfectly curable at any age. It isn't a miracle but just a simple science.

Moreover, if you know the secret and try your best - it is possible to recover very quickly even in home conditions, thousands of my patients do so.

—So what is the secret?

— The secret is to understand what really hurts. Actually, encyclopedias keep up to 147 possible reasons for development of osteochondrosis and arthrosis, but there is one thing to remember - joints, vertebras and cartilages lose their elasticity, that is why pain appears. They wear out because of bad blood circulation.

Here is the secret - having restored the blood circulation, we can cure it!

— Well, but it is considered that it is almost impossible to restore the blood circulation if you're over 45 years old?

— That's nonsense! I cured myself after being disabled in a car crash, and it is more terrible than the age of 45 years old.

— And have you ever cured disabled people in a wheelchair?

— Even more than once. But most of my patients are average people over 40 whose diseases appeared "with aging". They come with very similar problems: osteochondrosis, arthrosis, arthritis, radiculitis, and pinched nerve. These diseases exhaust us and disturb our life.

They cry, feel painful, it is even difficult for them to walk. It would seem that they are ordinary people, not athletes and not disabled people. They also complain - "why me?". And I answer: let's not to snivel but to restore the blood circulation.

— And how to restore the blood circulation at such age?

— Until recently I have treated people by means of movement and a complex of 96 exercises on training simulators. This is an extremely effective, but very difficult and long method.
It is painful and difficult, patients don't have enough time to visit the gym. I believed that there must be more modern and simple method and I found it.

— How interesting! Will you tell about it to our readers?

— Certainly, I will. Our center was the first which got the certified access to the latest remedy for osteochondrosis and joint pains. I confess that when I heard about it for the first time - I just burst out laughing as I didn't believe in its efficiency. But I was struck when we finished testing - 4 567 people completely recovered from the diseases, this is more than 94% of all the testees. 5.6% felt significant improvements, and only 0.4% of people didn't notice anything.

— So, what's the remedy?

— — I'm speaking about a special cream "Cream-wax Zdorov". This is the preparation which allows to forget about backache and joint pain in the shortest possible time, literally from 4 days, and to cure even very difficult cases for several months.

The cream is made only in Russia, and the Ministry of Health spent 1.3 million dollars to work out the recipe. By the way, we paid nearly a million euros for the right of realization of the cream in Europe.

— And how does the preparation work?

— You know, there is no miracle, just the science. The cream consists of 32 powerful components which in contact with an old, weak human cell, force it to work by 7 times faster, and the cell is rejuvenating gradually.

Even for the first time of using the cream, you activate about 930 000 cells which serve as advantage to your blood circulation. The treatment is held in this way. Stability is very important in this case.

— It sounds great. Just explain to us, what does it mean for ordinary people with diseases?

— It means that the medieval Russian medicine is becoming the thing of the past, and you will be able to cure the diseases in home conditions for 1-2 months. "Cream-wax Zdorov", neither freezes nor anesthetizes, it "restarts" the organism at the cellular level. It removes the cause of pains and brings joints and the backbone to normal state. The patient not only gets rid of the symptoms but also removes root causes of the disease - blood circulation weakened by slow, old cells.

On the first day regeneration of the organism starts. It also stops the pain syndrome, you will feel it immediately. In two-three weeks the treatment will have been completed, and, the main thing is to prevent the second attack of pain by taking the one more course of treatment.

— Does the "Cream-wax Zdorov" help to get rid of arthrosis and osteochondrosis?

You know, it works at the cellular level, restoring the blood circulation. It treats any disease connected with joints or a backbone - arthrosis and arthritis, a sciatica, rheumatism, radiculitis and osteochondrosis, shifts of vertebral disks. Dislocations, bruises, fractures and even calluses - the cream is surprisingly effective.

— This is a very interesting remedy. Is it true that it helps to get rid of all these diseases, not just eliminates pain?

"Cream-wax Zdorov» eliminates pain (at the initial stages of treatment) and completely liquidates the disease as well. Don't get me wrong, I love PE and sport and I won't give it up, but for the most of my patients this is the easiest, effective and available way of treatment.

— I think, many people would ask: where is the cream sold?

We wanted to begin large-scale sales in chemist’s shops but we can't come to an agreement with pharmaceutics as this preparation can do much harm to their business. People have been buying their medicaments for many years, and there are more and more patients, so such situation is convenient for them.

So, now we are selling the cream only on the official site.
But there are also advantages - we sell it without intermediaries, and it allows us to set the price 4.7 times lower than the American one.

The cream is delivered by a courier with cash on delivery, and you don't need the specialist's control to use it — you treat yourself at home. However, don't take me the word. Try medicines of other producers. But I am convinced that you won't find anything, even remotely similar on "Cream-wax Zdorov".

— Mr. Mosley, thank you for the interview! Maybe you would like to tell something to our readers before we say goodbye?

Yes, certainly! I want to pay the attention of our readers on the fact that diseases of back and joints are getting "younger", and even if you have mild periodical pains - it's necessary to pay attention to the problem. The doctor won't persuade you to start medical treatment.

Remember: the diseases arising because of backache and joints disorders not just bring discomfort. They shorten life for 10-15 years.

— P.S.: After the interview we made a request to Mr. Mosley. Now our readers have an opportunity to order the "Cream-wax Zdorov" with an additional discount and to forget about the diseases connected with joints and a backbone forever.

Interviewer – Jane Austin
The photos are taken from open sources.

Mary Aaron – 
Does the cream help to get rid of bruises and hematomas? My son has very thin skin, so when he hurts himself – the bruises stay for a long time.

Alex Abramson -

Mary, the cream will help your son! My granddaughter has the same problem, we always use this cream.

Helen Benton -

I’ve been using this cream for half a year. I’ve already cured of arthrosis for 2 weeks, and now I always have the cream-wax in my medicine chest just in case.

Max Carver -

One day I heard about the cream on the radio and decided immediately to buy the cream-wax Zdorov. The matter is that ordinary medicaments from chemist’s shops helped me but not for a long time – as I was told, it’s really difficult to cure from osteochondrosis. Now I’m going to tell you about the results. The cream arrived very fast. On the first day I felt relieved! Thank you so much, now I can live without any troubles.

Serge Marconi -

I’ve just read the first feedbacks and decided to order the cream. I’ll write about my results later.

Margo Elmer -

I saw this cream in a chemist’s shop nearby the house but couldn’t buy it because the price is 3 times higher there. But here I saw the price and decided immediately to make an order, I can afford it. Hope it will help me.

Mary Herberts -

It’s a miracle! I’ve been using the cream for 3 weeks after your interview, Mr.Mosley! Backache is weaker now! I wish you good luck with your project!

Natalie Fairburn -

I suffered all my life and thought that I would never get rid of pain in knees. Now I’m thinking of buying this cream.

Jack Harlan -

Unfortunately, this cream didn’t help me. My shoulder still hurts. I’m disappointed.

Helen Jeffers -

Jack, wasn’t your cream just a fake imitation. I ordered the cream on the official site, in a week and a half my husband forgot about pain.

Jack Harlan -

I ordered the cream on the other site and the price was higher there. I might have bought an imitation…I’ll try to order on this site and tell about the results later. Thanks a lot!

Veronica Massey -

I found this site by chance. And what I see? The advertisement of our cream! I mean, I bought this cream for my husband. He even doesn’t know that I’m writing here. How lucky we were having ordered it! I also read different feedbacks and ordered the cream. My husband was in despair. He took various pills, visited a massagist, he even got some problems with digestion. Eventually, we decided to try the cream and hurray! Now there are no problems, my honey is refreshed and energetic again!

Kate Swans -

I had osteochondrosis, but I managed to get rid of it just for 10 days!

Daniel -

I want to get rid of osteochondrosis as faster as possible, chiefly, painlessly and easily. I think this cream is my choice. Thanks a lot for the information, I’m going to make an order today while it is in stock.

Catherine -

My husband suffers from osteochondrosis, we visit doctors together. I love him, even ready to sacrifice my life for him, but I don’t know how to soothe his suffering. After having read your stories we have hope again.

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